Texas Massage and Body Works

Memberships Available

Become a member and treat yourself to something special! 

Recovery Plus Membership

The flexibility to choose each visit which Recovery service you need.  Members pay a set amount per month which is held in the member’s account at the studio.  When the member visits the studio for any service, the member’s account is reduced by the amount of the discounted member service.  Account funds can be used for Services received and/or products, please tip separately.  

Benefits and disclaimers of a Recovery Membership include:

  • Recovery members pay a reduced price per service
  • Ability to share membership with family
  • 1 Infrared Sauna or Compression session per month
  • 10% off products
  • 15% off add on services
  • If you go over your Account balance, no worries, just pay the difference at the time of your service.
  • No refunds on unused services
  • Pick your pricing option based on how many services you want to schedule each month and how many family members will be sharing your membership, most families choose the Gold package

Pricing Options

Intro*                $49/mo

Copper*            $76/mo

Bronze*            $109/mo

Silver                $140/mo

Gold                 $156/mo

Platinum           $198/mo

Diamond          $269/mo

Sauna/Compression add on available for Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond package.  Add on is $18 per month per person and includes six (6) additional thirty (30) minute sauna or compressions sessions per month.  Sessions expire thirty (30) days from purchase and do not roll over.

 * Disclaimers:  Intro membership cannot be shared.  Copper and Bronze package can be shared with up to 3 immediate family members living in same household for an additional charge of $5.99/mo

Texas-10 Membership

Not ready to commit to a big monthly plan, this options gives you the opportunity to get your feet wet with a monthly wellness plan. 

Benefits of a Texas-10 Membership:

  • 10% off all Regular Non-Member pricing for any Services, Products and/or Add on items.
  • 1 Infrared Sauna or Compression session per month, does not roll over.
  • No refunds on unused services
  • Cannot be shared

Pricing Option:  $9.99/mo

Suana/Compression Membership

Just need the benefits of the Infrared Sauna and maybe a little compression thrown in?  This is the membership for you.  Enjoy up to twelve (12) thirty (30) minute sessions of your choice per month. 

Benefits and disclaimers of a Sauna/Compression Membership:

  • 10% off Products
  • 10% off Additional Services
  • Unused services do not roll over or accumulate each month
  • Can be shared with up to 1 additional person for an additional $5.99 per month.
  • Membership Service purchased cannot be applied to other services.


Pricing Options: 

Sauna/Compression Membership:                     $49/mo

Additional Sauna/Compression Sessions:            $12/ea

Student Membership

Parents know how hard their students are working.  Athletics has become a huge part of the student life.  We want to make sure each student is getting the recovery they need.  This membership is for those individuals 12-18 years of age and is designed with the student in mind.

Benefits and disclaimers of a Sports Recovery Membership:

  • Student members pay a reduced price per service
  • Includes two (2) thirty (30) minute Compression session per month (does not roll over)
  • 10% off membership rates for additional services purchased each month
  • 10% off products
  • 15% off add on services
  • Membership Service purchased cannot be applied to other services. Service Membership good for membership service purchased only.
  • Cannot be shared
  • Unused Member service rolls over each month and can be used for up to 12 months after purchase. After 12 months, unused services can be redeemed for cash value paid towards any service.  No refunds on unused Member Services.
  • Pricing option excludes CBD, Lymphatic, Prenatal and/or Hot Stone Massage. Member can add any of these services during the month at the membership pricing for these additional services.

Pricing Options:

One (1) 30 minute massage – $44/mo

One (1) 60 minute massage – $67/mo

Additional Compression Sessions – $12.00/mo

* Multiple Sibling rates (10% off each sibling Membership rate)